Boomers Bag – updated…

Greetings all,

Been quite a while since I, or really anyone for that matter, wrote a little golf induced piece on here, so I thought  that the time was ripe to do so.

BC and the state of his game are unbeknownst to me, however, that is a topic for another day.

What is on the menu today is my bag.

Be right back, need a coffee…

Ok, sorted.

So, my game has actually progressed since leaving the Frozen north, but not really to the point where I am seriously happy. Don’t get to practice or play enough, although that is changing slowly. Coupled with the fact that my beautiful wife wants to learn the game, will get me back in the swing of things, no pun intended.

As you know from my posts, I am a little bit of a club junkie, but since being over in the Middle East, I have cut back on the amount of sticks in the garage.

My Mizuno MP-60’s are gone, as are a few other clubs. I still have my Hogan Apex Edges, a set of Nike half cavity, and my Taylor Made R9 TP’s. Those clubs are the subject of today’s missive.

I have recently been diagnosed with a little psoriatic arthritis in my right hand, so tend to not swing as hard as I used to. That plus the fact that I’m getting old doesn’t help. yes, you can laugh now.

I had bought a nice Titleist 910D3, but have fallen out of love with it. My TM Burner Superfast TP was in the bag until yesterday, and after last weeks showing at Yas Links, (81 in the wind) it was a week too late to put it in the closet.

No fans, I am back to my trusty Adams 9015D Prototype with a 79g UST Axiv core Red XX shaft.

Anyhow, went over to the range yesterday at the Els club which I live near, for the sole purpose of putting some new grips on a few clubs, and getting my lofts and lies checked. You should do this exercise once a year kids, it is worth it. Your clubs do change. Trust me.

So, my Golf Pride MCC grips, standard size were the choice, but the club fitter, a great guy named Jimmy Bishop, asked me, due to the size of my hands, if I wanted to extra wrap the shafts under the grip, or if I wanted to try mid-size grips. I opted for the mid-size in white and black, link here –>

Jimmy put them on my Driver, my 3-wood, a TM Rescue TP 19degree and a Ping Rapture 21degree hybrid.

Also, he checked my 7 iron for loft and lie. Found out that it was 2 degrees strong on loft, and a little upright. Did a quick swing test, and found out that I needed 1 degree flat on my lie. Crazy. For years I have thought, and been told, that I was 1 degree up.

Went out to the range to test out the new configuration, and it worked wonderfully! Jimmy my new best friend, came out to watch a little, and gave me a couple of pointers to ensure that the club was doing the work, and not my body trying to.

He got my left hand a little flatter at address, and my right elbow tucked into my body a little more. Worked like a charm!

So, back to the shop and out with the long clubs and their new grips.

Crazy man, crazy. Took me all this time to figure out that I needed to have a larger grip on my clubs!

Out to the range, Jimmy standing watch, and the ball was jumping off the clubs!

Back to the shop to weigh my 3-wood, and the decision was made to change the shaft.

So, without further delay, the meat of the post;

Here’s what’s in my bag…

Driver – Adams Protoype 9015D 9.5deg, with UST Axivcore Red XX 79g shaft.

3-wood – Taylor Made Superfast 15deg, with Fujikura Motore F1 85g S Flex shaft

Hybrid – Taylor Made TP Rescue 19deg

Hybrid – Ping Rapture 21deg

4-PW – Taylor Made R9 TP with S-flex KBS Tour steel shafts bent to 1deg flat

Wedges – 51 Degree Purefit, 54 Degree TM RAC

Putter – Wilson 8882 blade until I buy my new Scotty Cameron putter.

All clubs with Golf Pride MCC White/Black Mid-size grips

Shoes – ECCO Street Premier in Brown with orange soles

Balls – Titleist Pro V1X 5-8


That’s it folks. Comments and input are always ignored.



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Just saying hello…

Been a while since me, or anyone really, posted here, so I thought that I would take this opportunity to say hey, and give some love to the GOLF world.

See that Adam Scott won on the weekend, with Stevie on his bag. Many pundits are saying that because of Williams’ outburst, it shows that Tiger hasn’t changed. How so kemosabe? To me, it shows that Williams was, and will always be, an asshole. Tiger should have gassed him long ago. Talent got Tiger the wins, not SW. Yes, a good caddie helps, but how many wins does Furyk have, compared to Tiger?  They have Fluff in common. Now, a caddie can help, yes, like i mentioned, but it comes down to the guy hitting the little white thing.

I bet that if I played and had TW, Tim Wood, not Tiger Woods, on my bag, jesus you guys, my GOLF bag, I would win plenty. But that is only because he would help me channel my inner Lord Vader of Cheem, and not due to anything else. Well, the channeling bit is huge, granted.

At any rate, I’m playing the ELS course today. Ernie is a douchebag at times, well, we think he is for how the course is set up, but it is a nice track nonetheless, and well, I’m not stuck in the office.

until next time,

keep it wherever you need to keep it


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Perhaps my swan song…

Played St. Thomas Golf and Country club on Sunday with the BC and some folks from his work. Won’t delve into a ‘local knowledge’ here and now, however, I wanted to pass along that I loved this course, from the scenery to the tightness of a lot of the holes, to the service at the clubhouse. Actually, if you ever play here, treat yourself to the ‘dutch western’. Very nice.

Was a little off my game on the front, had a horrible 47, but recovered on the back to shoot a respectable 39 including a nice birdie on #14.

But back to the title topic.

Got some news yesterday that will have me leaving (once again) my country of birth, and traveling back to my adopted region to start work on an amazing project. I am in the hunt for a Sherpa actually as the BC has respectfully declined the job.

So, if this is was to be my last round in Canada for quite some time, it was a nice place to finish up, and I couldn’t have chosen a better playing partner to have with me.

Thanks BC, for the day, and for the company.

Local knowledge to follow.



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FedEx Cup: “Sick Manager” Commercial


– BC

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St. Thomas Golf & Country Club

I was invited to play in the Parkwood Hospital Charity Golf Classic in St. Thomas yesterday. They did everything right, providing fresh breakfast, a solid dinner, snacks and gift bags to all those in attendance. Hole-In-One giveaways for cars and boats as well as “Beat The Pro” and Longest Drive challenges made the day very enjoyable. If you have your druthers, golf tournaments are the only way to play for my money. What really made the day most enjoyable, though [other than the fact that it was paid for by work, and that I’ve never seen better customer service anywhere] was the course itself.

The St. Thomas Golf and Country Club was founded in 1899, with the basis for today’s course being first cemented in 1923. There’s a lot of history for the to flaunt here, and the club proudly does so with everything from photos of every past President from the last 109 years to a plaque commerating a 94-year club member who once beat Moe Norman there in the club tournament in 1951. The clubhouse itself isn’t much to look at, but it’s the only thing about the course that isn’t, as it’s a beautiful course from start to finish.

The course is par 72 and measures 6795 yards. The OGA course rating is 73.0, and there’s a slope rating of 128 from the tips. Score Golf rates it in their Top 100 Courses every year. Although I’ll let Boomer run up a “Croucher’s Local Knowledge” when we get around to playing it together, there’s a couple of holes that really stand out on this track. The 486 yard 14th is far and away my favourite, with it’s green nestled down and away it a little corner underneath a house owned by the luckiest people on Earth.

This is a wonderful course that’s carefully maintained and serves the moderate golfer well. The greens were a little fast, but there’s an amateur tournament this weekend and I’m sure that’s why they’re rolling that way. If you’re in Ontario and wou’re willing to drive out here, you won’t be wasting your time.

– BC

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Augusta is upon us…

and this link is a great way to see this hallowed piece of golfing history.


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Feherty, ya gotta love him…

This is a letter that our beloved DF wrote to Tie Domi a few years back.

Just funny.

Get well soon David, we miss you on air.


It’s almost that time of year once more. Memories of winter are shrinking, but for me, I see only ice. That’s right, it’s almost time for the Stanley Cup playoffs. Regular readers know how much I love hockey, and that I have a few friends who play, or used to play. The great Ron Francis, Paul Coffey, Tony McKegney, to name a few…well, to name them all actually, or at least I thought so until just the other day, when I had to write a letter of apology to a player I’ve never even met. I’m talking about the Toronto Maple Leaf’s Tie Domi.

Confused? Not as badly as I was, but the following letter to the NHL’s version of the Tasmanian Devil is fairly self-explanatory:

Dear Tie:

As our mutual friend Tony McKegney may or may not have told you, I am an idiot.

However, my own tremendous standards in this area rocketed upwards at a hell of a rate when recently, I made the startling discovery that one of the signed photographs on the wall of my office was of you, and not (as I had thought for the previous year) of the aforementioned McKegney.

Now even by my standards, this is a staggering piece of stupidity, and for at least five reasons:

  1. The inscription on the photo reads, “To David, all my best, Tie Domi.” (To some, this might have been a hint, although in my own defense here, you could be called for hooking, slashing, and off-side for your signature, although it does appear possible that you might have been tripped in the act of writing it.)
  2. Tony McKegney is a big, bandy-legged black guy.
  3. You’re not.
  4. You’re insane.
  5. Okay, you got me on this one. Tony’s insane too. To play hockey for a living, you have to be.

This whole sordid affair is made stranger still by the fact that McKegney and I are related. I have no idea how this happened, but until I met him, I thought I was black Irish. Anyway, he read in one of my pieces somewhere that I was interested in hockey, E-mailed me, telling me of the link between our families, and we became kind of on-line buddies. Tony is friendly with Mike Weir, and last year he came to the Masters. We arranged to meet in a bar behind the Augusta National. I still had no idea that he was black, but I spotted that, and the trademark Feherty/McKegney nose almost instantly the minute he introduced himself. I’m not THAT slow.

A friend of mine from Toronto was visiting me the other day, and he remarked upon your image, “Hey, nice photo of Tie Domi. I didn’t know you knew him!”

I told him I didn’t know Tie Domi, and that he was looking at a photo of Tony McKegney. “It’s just a reflection off the ice, or a trick of the light or something,” I muttered. But those Toronto people aren’t so easily fooled. Most of the bastards know you.

Subsequently, Tony told me he had asked you to send the photo about a year or so ago, around the same time he had sent me one of himself, but he didn’t realize that you had done so. Obviously he didn’t tell me. I’m thrilled to have your picture on my wall though, and I wanted to write to thank you, and explain why my letter took so long! You must have thought I was a bigger asshole than I thought you were, and I was wrong about that. Since I’ve realized you are watching me as I write, I’ve taken the time to visit your web site, and find out a little more about you. When you’re not beating the crap out of adults, you manage to find the time to look after an enormous number of less than fortunate kids. Thanks for doing that, and thank you so much for signing and sending your photo to me. It’s one that I will treasure.

Please accept a copy of my book, with kindest regards from one of your brethren. I’m sending you a photo, too, although it was taken from a strange angle, and I think it makes me look a little like Vijay Singh.

Good luck in the playoffs. Toronto has a new fan.

David Feherty

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